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Geoff and Adam chat and drink and deconstruct movies in a sometimes silly, sometimes interesting fashion.
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Episode 27 - A Field of Wheat(ly)

Episode 27, a special episode dedicated to a special film (and film-maker), Geoff and Adam trip gloriously upon the delights of Ben Wheatley’s A Field in England, written by Amy Jump. This is a non-spoiler podcast. A great film inspired a really lovely chat. Enjoy.

Episode 26 - Before, During and Link Later

Episode 26, and Geoff and Adam tackle the wonderful world of Richard Linklater’s Before Trilogy, in particular Before Midnight, but they take in Before Sunrise and Sunset too. They’re a wonderful set of films and they make our hosts go all gooey.

Episode 25 - We’re Super, Thanks For Asking

The mighty Man of Steel causes Adam a crisis of confidence, what are reviews for and is it even worth discussing films? Can voice of reason, faster than a speeding bullet, Geoff talk him down from the ledge? (This is a no major spoiler podcast)

Episode 22 - Dive! Dive! Dive!

One more in the not-a-commentary film commentary series. Geoff and Adam revisit the watery disaster that was Waterworld and let the images inspire their chat: what are their favourite post-apocalyptic visions and is it ever OK to tattoo a baby?

Episode 21 - The Not-So Magical Ticket Trips of 2001

Episode 21 and back to the ticket collection of a loser. Despite the Kubrickian suggestions this is anything but an auspicious year for film. Most of the films have faded from view or never deserved to be there in the first place. Still, it’s a fun trip.

Episode 20 - A Spring Break Into Some Reader Emails

Episode 20 and here we go again. We use Harmony Korine’s latest folly to chat feminism and how we talk about women, and then seamlessly ease into a reader email. Why is cinema special, is it important who you go with and do we ever feel like we’re wasting out lives? Good question…

Episode 19 - A Minority Chat During Some of Minority Report

Something of a gamble this one, but we tried to watch a film and see what commentary it would inspire… Time travel, utopias and the importance of specifying accents in the subtitles it turned out. We couldn’t even last the whole film.